Fear NZ - Dunedin Horror Story Asylum

Looking for the fright of your life in one of Dunedin's most iconic and scary buildings?

 Fear NZ are turning Dunedin prison into 3 floors of terror.

 This is a world class event using actors, holograms, elaborate plots, make up and set design. 30 minutes of shear horror.

Tickets are only $25 and all proceeds are going to heart kids. It's on for 3 weekends from May 5th, Go to  ITicket.co.nz to get your tickets today.

 For those that need it, have a look at the website for more Info  www.fearnz.com

 The URL for all facebook posts and text bounceback is   www.iticket.co.nz/events/2017/may/dunedin-horror-story-asylum



Current Programmes
Owen Rooney6am - 12pm Weekdays
Music from the stage and screen with Donald Saville-Cooke6pm - 9pm TuesdayOn now - Listen Live
Robyn Notman9pm - 12am Tuesday