Scam Savy

Age Concern Otago has the privilege of hosting the BNZ Staff in the Octagon Clubrooms on Wednesday, August 23rd to speak about being "Scam Savvy". 

They will cover topics such as Credit Card and Card Skimming; Lottery Scams and the phones calls saying your computer security has been breached, how to keep your money safe and more… 

Scam Savvy Presentations:

When: Wednesday, August 23rd at 10am - 12 noon (talk approx. 1 hr) 
Where: Age Concern Otago building, 9 Bath Street, Dunedin Central 

When: Wednesday, August 23rd at 2pm-4pm (talk approx. 1 hr) 
Where: Mosgiel Senior Citizens Hall, 5 Hartstonge Avenue, Mosgiel 

BNZ staff will be available to answer any financial questions after the presentation 

Refreshments and biscuits will be provided. 

The presentation is open to everyone. Feel free to bring friends along, everyone welcome. 
Contact Age Concern Ph 03 477 1040 if further information required

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