Amanda Clow-Hewer
"I love Radio Dunedin"

Having always been chatty (my dear late mama said I was injected with a gramophone needle), radio should have been an obvious choice for yours truly but it didn't happen until the publication of my first book in 1998, and the ensuing myriad radio interviews.  Subsequently, a ten minute interview in Whangarei (on MediaWorks' Magic FM) lasted three hours and turned into weekly co-hosting of their breakfast show. The frenzy generated by one's modulated English tones - and one's feisty yet humble approach - has to date generated fourteen glorious years in radio, both as volunteer and occasionally-paid announcer.  And it was more than slightly serendipitous after leaving Whangarei, because despite a fab CV - and free gratis copy of my book while Joe Public had to pay $19.99 for it - the upper echelons of (then) RadioWorks Otago seemed oblivious to my radio charms. so I held back the tears, held up the chins, and gave up any hope of being a superstar. Then my neighbour (Radio Dunedin's very own darling Colin Lehmann) accidentally adopted one of my cats, the recently late and much-lamented Possum.  We met after the 'whose-is-this-cat?' leaflet drop, and after he (Colin, not the cat) had patiently listened to me giving it plenty of rabbit, he suggested I try out for Food For Thought.  In hindsight it was like giving a donkey one oat, but the rest - as they say - is history.  I instantly became a happy little volunteer with the Otago Radio Association, and a few weeks later was asked to fill in over the festive season for Colin and half of Neil Collins, ditto the following couple of years.  Then, to my eternal chagrin, I briefly left Radio Dunedin to concentrate on a career as an international supermodel, but missed the magic and mystery of the mike, so happily returned with suitable fanfare and a packed lunch to the welcoming arms of the best radio station in the world.  Because I love Radio Dunedin.

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