Monday to Friday 6am – 12pm
Owen Rooney will keep you right up to date with what is happening in Dunedin city with news, guests, interviews and of course good music.
12pm - 6pm Weekdays
Saturday 1pm - 2pm
Tuesday 6pm – 9pm
Donald Saville-Cook is our specialist in Music from the stage and screen.
Monday and Wednesday 9pm – Midnight
Late night love is Brian's speciality, keeping you company throughout the night with the best in romantic tunes.
Thursday night 6-9pm
Glen presents a night of music and news.
Tuesday 9pm – Midnight
Robyn presents a night of music and news.
Wednesday 6pm – 9pm
Geoff presents a night of music and news.
Sunday 6am - 10am
Peter presents a weekly recap on Sunday mornings
Saturday 6am – 9am
Graeme Fyffe will get your weekend underway with the latest news, weather, cancellations and road conditions.
Saturday 5pm – 8pm
Peter presents a night of music and news.
Saturday 8pm – Midnight
Brian has been presenting shows on Radio Dunedin for 46 years.
Sunday 10am – 2pm
Steve Rowe plays the very best of 80's music with some interesting twists.
Saturday 10am - 1pm, Sunday 2pm – 6pm
If you like variety, memories, songs that radio doesn't play anymore and great stories behind the music, this is the show for you.
Sunday 7pm – 7:30pm
Deidre Kirkman presents the best of Irish music, new and old every Sunday.
Sunday 8:30pm – 9pm
If like most people in Dunedin you have a Scottish connection you'll enjoy Calling All Scots.
Sunday 6 - 9pm
Sunday 9pm – Midnight
Sharon Smith plays an interesting variety of music including songs that we hardly hear.

Current Programmes
Owen Rooney6am - 12pm Weekdays
Glen Edmondson6pm – 9pm ThursdayOn now - Listen Live
Country Music with Bruce Kempton9pm - 12am Thursday