Community Event Funding

Do you have a community event and need a great space to host it with lots of facilities? With funding from the Community Access Grant, you can host your event at the Dunedin Centre or Forsyth Barr Stadium. 

The funding has been used by a wide range of groups and individuals to fully or partly fund event costs such as venue hire and security at the two venues. 

Events might include a school production at the Town Hall, a fundraiser in one of our Stadium lounges, a kindergarten picnic on the pitch or perhaps a sports tournament at the Stadium. 

We have a variety of spaces to use at our two venues including conference rooms, our grand Town Hall, the pitch and a number of lounges and suites at the Stadium. 

The next funding round will start on Friday 1 September and will close on Friday 6 October at 5pm. For details visit

Event Date:01/09/2017

Event Time:09.00

Venue:Dunedin Centre or Forsyth Barr Stadium

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