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The oldest radio station in New Zealand

Radio dunedin

our history

Keeping it local since 1922

On the 17th November 1921 the first radio broadcast was made here in NZ when the head of physics at the Otago University Professor Robert Jack broadcast from the University of Otago.

There was no doubt that the professors work was avidly followed by local listeners and by mid 1922 there was an enormous growth in the interest in radio. On the 1st August 1922 the inaugural meeting of the Otago Radio Association was held and the association met again on the 4th October where the first broadcast was held using the call sign DN and then each Tuesday and Friday evening on 1000 kc with a power of 50 watts from the old Technical School Building in Moray Place. Over the next seventeen years the station had call signs of 4AB and 4ZB and when the government's commercial of the ZB network was set up in 1937 the Radio Association's call sign was changed to 4ZD until 1948 when it was changed to 4XD.

50 years of broadcasting by 4XD was celebrated in October 1972 with a special 50th Anniversary dinner at La Scala and a week long outside broadcast from the window of the then DIC in the Octagon. This was probably the first outside broadcast in the station's history. OB equipment was kindly provided by the NZBC.

In late 1989 the Labour Government decided it was time to deregulate broadcasting in NZ this meant that any station who held a licence could turn commercial and broadcast 24 hours a day. So in October 1990, 4XD went full time commercial. It was decided we needed to change our call sign as the call sign 4XD had the stigma of a station that broadcast religious programmes when on the air. Now being commercial all of the religious programmes were dropped and it was decided to call the station Radio Dunedin from that point on.

Now into our centennial year our breakfast show is now simulcast with the Breeze and the only day time week day show from our studios is the afternoon show. Twenty volunteer presenters look after the rest of the broadcast hours Mon-Fri 6pm to Midnight. All weekends and public holidays are included too. With a fresh new look and weekday lineup of presenters the future is bright for Radio Dunedin.

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