Peter Appleby

Peter can be heard regularly singing his way around the corridors of Radio Dunedin!

Hello there.  I'm 58 and have been married 23 years, I have two childen, 21 and 22 years old.  I trained as a primary school teacher in 1978 and have taught all over the country specailising in Te Re, Tikanga and Waiata Maori.

My interests include travel, music, acting, singing, weightlifting and church.  I've lived in Apia, Western Samoa and Trinidad in the West Indies.  I'm a keen member of the Royal Dunedin Male Choir and have been for 15 years and the current holder of a number of titles for weighlifting at Masters level.

One of my favourite comedians has to be Jim Carey and favourite movies - Monty Python and Dumb and Dumber.  Finally ... you can't beat my favourite kai in my opinion ... half chicken and chips!

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